Friday, August 30, 2013

Have You Been to an Artist Studio?

Why have a Studio Tour?
One of the main purposes of our Art Mob Studio Tour is to introduce you and our local population to the artist that just happens to live or work next door... and you did not even know the artist was there!

So much mystique is out there floating around about what an artist does to create their art. Why not find out for yourself? It might be one of your more interesting few hours ... visiting many different types of artists and seeing and talking to them. You will see artwork of all kinds ... painting, jewelry, sculpture, glass ... and who knows what else.

What is Medium?
Many artists are creative in several different mediums. They might be an artist in painting and also do sculpture! "Medium" is what we call the genre we work in ... such as metal, clay, watercolor, oil, wood ... etc. Here is one of our artists that builds sculptures:

Marie Weaver
Medium: Ceramics, Relief Prints

And, if the artist is a painter, medium can refer to whether they paint in oil, acrylic, pastel, or watercolor or other types of mixed media paintings.

Here is a photo from one of our glass artists:

Cher Thompson Austin
Medium: Fused Glass Assemblages
and Paintings

Be creative?
Wouldn't you find it interesting to walk into the studio of these artists and talk to them about what they are doing? And many of these artists give lessons, so you might find a place to use your own creative juices!

Be sure to check the side panel for the participating artist names for links to visit their website. And, I decided to make their names under the painting a website link, so you can click that also (if they have a website). We do have just a few artists that do not have "official" websites, but most of them show some of their work on Facebook or a gallery site.

More Artists!
Here are four more of our artists for you to have a look at.

Jes Gordon
Medium: Acrylic Painting

Jane Springfield
Medium: Watercolor, Oil or Pencil Painting

Trisha Selgrath
Medium: Oil Paintings

Ann Rhodes
Medium: Oil Painting

Now, want to have a fun day? Join us and visit some artist studios... or plan for two days and visit one area one day, and another part of Metro Atlanta the next day! Get to know about the artists that are creating in our local area. You just might make a new friend of them, and you might find some fabulous pieces of art that are affordable.

See "You" at the Art Mob Studio Tour! And don't forget, if you purchase something, 5% goes to help the Children's Restorative Network.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Look at Six More of Our Artists!

We have enjoyed getting to know all the artists that have decided to participate for 2013 in our Art Mob Studio Tour ... an open studio is an invitation to learn what your neighborhood artists are doing in their work space! Be sure to save the dates: Friday, Nov. 15 (6 - 9pm), Saturday, Nov. 16 (10am - 6pm), and Sunday, Nov. 17 (1 - 6 pm). Check the studio address page for the dates each studio will be participating!

Six Artists Share an Image

Jane Biven
Oh Say Can you Ski
Elizabeth Carr

Cathy Ehrler
At The Highland Games
Ronnie Offen
Shane McDonald

Virginia Dauth
Have you always wanted to see how a piece of artwork looks during the process?
The Art Mob Studio Tour is really a wonderful way to spend a day ... visiting the artist next door ... seeing what they do, and how they do it! Most of the time it might not look at all like the end product, and it is fun to see the way it started. You will get to talk to the artists, ask questions, maybe even see them work a little bit.
Be sure to check out each artist's website or blog listed along the side panel here. Plan your route and visit them!
Also, we will benefit a wonderful charity!
If you are interested in purchasing something, you will benefit the Children's Restorative Network ... 5% of all sales will be donated to their worthy cause. Do look them up ... here is a link to their "about" page: Children's Restorative Network Web Site. Most of the artists will have a variety of  artwork at different price levels.

Do tell your friends about this tour ... ask them to join you. The Atlanta area has an awesome art community! Now, I hope to see you at one of these fantastic studios ... and you might just make a new friend while visiting.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

We are Growing ... adding artists and studios

Photographic Teasers

Here are some teaser shots of artwork by participating artists for this fall's Art Mob Studio Tour which takes place Nov. 15, 16 & 17 ... Friday, 6 - 9 pm, Sat. 10 am - 6 pm, and Sun. 1 - 6 pm. Be sure when planning your visit, you do check who is participating on which days. Some are only doing Saturday and/or Sunday.

Winged Friends
Deanna Jaugstetter
Winter Song
Helen DeRamus

Hilde and Velvet
Kathy Rennell Forbes
Anne LeBaire

Vision Bear
Marsha Hamby Savage
The blog will show all the participating artists in coming posts. So, be sure to keep checking back with us!

More Information

Be sure to check out our Facebook Page: ArtMobStudioTour for posts from the artists. We also have a group page with the same name, so ... you might see something different on the "page" and the "group"... but well worth it!

And, I have added more artist links ... here on the side... so check out their websites and blogs. Also, I have added a few names and studio addresses to the "Address" page above (it's a "Tab" at the top of this blog) and I will be adding the short biographies of each participating artist on the "Bio" page which is also a tab at the top of this blog. I hope that is not too confusing! Please do accept my apologies if I spell it out a "little too much." I have to take into account not everyone is computer savvy ... sometimes that could be me!