Friday, August 30, 2013

Have You Been to an Artist Studio?

Why have a Studio Tour?
One of the main purposes of our Art Mob Studio Tour is to introduce you and our local population to the artist that just happens to live or work next door... and you did not even know the artist was there!

So much mystique is out there floating around about what an artist does to create their art. Why not find out for yourself? It might be one of your more interesting few hours ... visiting many different types of artists and seeing and talking to them. You will see artwork of all kinds ... painting, jewelry, sculpture, glass ... and who knows what else.

What is Medium?
Many artists are creative in several different mediums. They might be an artist in painting and also do sculpture! "Medium" is what we call the genre we work in ... such as metal, clay, watercolor, oil, wood ... etc. Here is one of our artists that builds sculptures:

Marie Weaver
Medium: Ceramics, Relief Prints

And, if the artist is a painter, medium can refer to whether they paint in oil, acrylic, pastel, or watercolor or other types of mixed media paintings.

Here is a photo from one of our glass artists:

Cher Thompson Austin
Medium: Fused Glass Assemblages
and Paintings

Be creative?
Wouldn't you find it interesting to walk into the studio of these artists and talk to them about what they are doing? And many of these artists give lessons, so you might find a place to use your own creative juices!

Be sure to check the side panel for the participating artist names for links to visit their website. And, I decided to make their names under the painting a website link, so you can click that also (if they have a website). We do have just a few artists that do not have "official" websites, but most of them show some of their work on Facebook or a gallery site.

More Artists!
Here are four more of our artists for you to have a look at.

Jes Gordon
Medium: Acrylic Painting

Jane Springfield
Medium: Watercolor, Oil or Pencil Painting

Trisha Selgrath
Medium: Oil Paintings

Ann Rhodes
Medium: Oil Painting

Now, want to have a fun day? Join us and visit some artist studios... or plan for two days and visit one area one day, and another part of Metro Atlanta the next day! Get to know about the artists that are creating in our local area. You just might make a new friend of them, and you might find some fabulous pieces of art that are affordable.

See "You" at the Art Mob Studio Tour! And don't forget, if you purchase something, 5% goes to help the Children's Restorative Network.

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